When to Call a San Antonio Roofing Professional to Inspect Your Roof

San Antonio Roofing Professional to Inspect Your Roof
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Tony Schlessinger


Natural disasters in San Antonio, such as storms, torrential rains, high winds, and hail, cannot be avoided and occasionally endanger household safety.

It is one of the many reasons why we always recommend inviting a San Antonio Roofing Professional to perform extreme meticulous inspections on your roof from time to time. Regular inspection of your roof helps to find damage before it becomes too severe so you can prevent further damage and protect the roof from deteriorating.

Although a roof inspection is a good idea, it is best to do it as the seasons change due to the various weather elements that accompany them. As a result, determining when you need a roof inspection service can be difficult.

However, by reading this article, you have taken an excellent step because you are about to learn in detail when to call a San Antonio roofing professional to inspect your roof. These are some signs you might want to hire a San Antonio roof repair professional to inspect your roof:

Pay attention to the winter and summer 

In San Antonio, the winters are brief and chilly, the summers are oppressively hot, and there is seasonal cloud cover. The effects of intense summer and winter heat and cold on the roof vary. Your roof’s shingles may blister, warp, or fracture in extreme heat, just as they may do in extreme cold. You should keep an eye out for moss and fungal growth during the fall months so that you can address them before winter sets in.

Before the onset of the cold or heat, not later, you should make sure your roof is in good condition. Because of this, professionals can inspect any damage and make repairs during the less hectic parts of the year before things get worse.

After a severe storm

After a major storm, you should call a San Antonio Roofing Professional to inspect your rooftops. That is not the time to put off an appointment for several days. You may decide to inspect the roof from the ground to see if any shingles, soffit, or fascia are missing.

Even if the shingles appear to be intact, high winds can cause them to become loose, allowing water to penetrate the roof deck. In stormy weather, there may be fire and electrocution hazards, such as roof leaks.

If water enters your home’s electrical wiring, roof leaks may result in a fire. It could cause a short circuit in the wires and set off a fire nearby. Additionally, touching it can electrocute you. As a result, following a storm, a roofing professional is required to perform a closeup and attic inspection.

To prevent interior leaks

A leaking roof is a big job, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. The more you wait, the more likely it is that things will get worse. There’s only so much you can do to manage the situation, so it must be addressed right away.

In times of significant snowfall, it could be challenging to find roof leaks. However, if you look closely, you will notice stains and attics, which usually occur when rainwater and snow accumulate on the roof, creating moisture beneath the surface and leaking inside.

Before contacting a roofing professional, you should look for the following signs: Roof sheathing cracks, wilted decking, ventilation problems, and signs of mold or moisture Furthermore, leaks that are not repaired immediately can result in mold growth. 

Mold and yeast thrive in moist environments, which is a big problem. In addition to damaging roof tiles, wood frames, and wall and floor coatings, mold can be hazardous to one’s health. Mold can reduce the value and marketability of your home, depending on whether you are a property seller.

Increased Energy Bills

Your attic insulation is similar to your sweater in your home. Although the insulation might persist for many years, cellulosic or polyester insulation will absorb moisture if it becomes wet. Over time, persistent leaks deteriorate the insulator, and even if it does dry up, the harm has already been done.

Timely roof repair not only prevents microbial contamination on your roof and attic but also safeguards your insulation and cuts energy costs. Additionally, a poorly insulated rooftop makes it necessary to use more heating systems in the winter and summer, respectively.

Heat easily moves in and out of your home without the protection of insulation. So, if you notice an increase in energy costs, contact a roofing professional to repair the damage.

Presence of Algae Growth

Algae may take over a brand-new roof in four years or less under the appropriate circumstances. Contact a roofing expert for an examination if you observe any strange coloration or root development on your roof, whether it’s new or old.

A specialist can examine your roof repair, identify any real issues the algae may have triggered, and cleanse your roof without causing more harm.

To stop future algae blooms, a roofing expert can then suggest preventive measures like special rooftop paints or gutter repair. If the algae have harmed your roofing, repairs can be scheduled by a roofing professional.

Clogged Gutters

Seamless rain gutters protect the exterior of your home by collecting roof runoff and rerouting it away from the foundation. This protects your property from water damage, which could lead to even more problems in the future.

As important as a clogged gutter is in preventing roof damage and replacement, many homeowners ignore it. However, when done regularly, this is a very simple way to prevent roof damage. It also helps to prevent the hammer of heavy rainfall. Heavy rains frequently deposit larger debris on the roof, which can only be removed by a roofing professional.

Schedule Inspections From Time to Time

Do not wait until your roof has physical damage before contacting a roofing professional. This is necessary for a variety of reasons, including dealing with harsh weather in the winter and summer months, protecting the roof from natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, and hail, and identifying potential weaknesses that would allow intruders to easily break in. A professional’s experience and tools make it easier for them to detect potential flaws and damages and fix them before it becomes too severe.


You no longer have to ignore your roof, whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, especially as the upcoming winter approaches. To properly protect your investment in your home, you should get your roof inspected by a professional San Antonio roofer. You can visit https://austinroofroyale.com/san-antonio-roofing-contractors/ to get more information on San Antonio roof repair services.

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