10 Practical Ways To Fix a Leaky Roof: DIY Roof Repair

Practical Ways To Fix a Leaky Roof
Tony Schlessinger
Tony Schlessinger


One of the problems faced by homeowners, especially those living in areas threatened by rainstorms, is a leaky roof. Having a leaky roof in your home can cause a lot of damage which would cost money to fix. Furthermore, it encourages the growth of mold spores which puts you and your family’s health at risk. Plus it reduces the value of your home when you are trying to sell it off.

Because of these reasons, it has become essential to know how to fix a leaky roof by yourself. This DIY roof repair guide will help you do it yourself and save you some money. These practical steps can be handled by anybody, it does not require any special expertise. To fix a roof, you must first find out what is wrong and solve the leak.

#1: Fixing Missing Shingles:

If you see one of your shingles lying around in your front lawn, it means that your roof is open somewhere and will surely leak whenever it rains. You can fix this by replacing the shingle. How do you do this?

1. Pry off the nails from the old spot the shingle used to be. 
2. Slide in the new shingle in its place. 
3. Nail the new shingle down securely. 
4. Re-nail the shingles around it.

This is how you fix a leak caused by a missing shingle.

#2: Fixing of compromised roof flashing

Flashing are thin strips that are installed at points that are prone to leaks around a roof.

For a chimney, it is placed at an angle of 90-degrees. To avoid leaks, your flashing must be properly sealed and also nailed in place. However, sometimes, the flashing can become compromised and this can cause a leak. To solve this problem you need to replace the flashing.

Do not be tempted to seal the leaky areas with cement, it may solve the problem temporarily but will not be the best solution in the long run.

#3: Fixing old vent boots

The vent boot is like the flashing, but it is mainly rubber, although it can also be made from plastic or metal. It is placed over vent pipes that protrude from the roof. Its job is to waterproof the junction of the roof and the pipe and prevent leakage. Sometimes leaks occur because the gasket in the vent boot is damaged. To fix this problem:

1. Get a knife and pull off the damaged vent boot and throw it away. 
2. Get a new vent boot and replace it.

You can do it yourself and it helps to stop leaks caused by old vent boots. 

#4: Fixing issues of clogged gutters 

When your roof gutters are clogged, it can damage your roof and this can lead to a leak.

How do you solve this problem? Get your gloves, grab a ladder, and clean out your clogged gutters. This will help to make water travel away from your roof and keep your roof safe from leaks.

#5: Fixing holes on the roof.

Sometimes, leaks are a result of holes, a hole is usually caused by storms or animals like squirrels. While the very small holes are caused by roofing nails. Having holes on your roof can be a pain and lead to lots of leaks.

How do you handle this kind of leak?

1. Get a small piece of flashing. 
2. Apply an adhesive gum to it. 
3. Use it to cover the hole on the shingle. 

This is a DIY roof repair you can do without the help of any professional.

#6: Fixing Curled Shingles

Leaks are sometimes caused by curled shingles, and if this problem is not corrected, you will keep struggling with it. How do you fix curled shingles by yourself? 

1. Get to the top of your roof and locate the curled shingle. 
2. Apply a considerable amount of roofing cement to the underside of the shingle. Make sure you reach the edges and corners so that it is secured. 
3. Then press on the shingles, so that the cement will set and hold the shingles in place.

#7: Fix Roof Dormers

Dormer walls cause plenty of spots where water can enter the roof from. This is most times caused because the caulking is old or cracked. These cracks make water trickle down into the roof and work its way into the flashing and an accumulation of water leads to leaks. How do you solve this problem? 

1. Dig around the walls to make sure the area is sealed. 
2. Then check the caulk you are suspecting and replace it with a new one. 
3. Check the flashing below and make sure to replace the rotted or missing one. 
4. When replacing the sides, ensure that the flashing overlaps each other, so there are no spaces. 

#8: Fixing Leaky Joints

Sometimes the leaks are caused by leaky joints, areas where surfaces join. How do you deal with this problem? 

1. Inspect your roof to find the leaky joins, 
2. For small gaps in the joints, you can use roof sealants to cover it. 
3. Simply scrape away the old sealant. 
4. Dry the area properly before you apply a new compound. 
5. Use a thin knife, to apply the new sealant to the gap
6. Then join the two surfaces and hold firmly so it can set.

#9: Fixing Aged Shingles and Flashing

Another major cause of leaks is age. When your roof starts getting old, parts like the shingles and flashing starts to wear out and cause leaks. How do you fix this problem? 

1. Locate the worn-out shingle or flashing. 
2. Pull them out properly. 
3. Dry the area, clean any gum or compounds in the area.
4. Then insert the new shingles or flashing. 
5. Using glue and nails, fit in the new shingles, and flashing properly. 

This is a DIY roof repair you can do routinely so that you can avoid or stop leaks.

#10: Fixing Skylight Problems

Having a skylight has its advantages and many people prefer to have a skylight. It helps to lighten up your space and make your home brighter and better. But when it is not installed properly, it can lead to leaks. How do you solve this problem? 

1. Look for cracks along the sides of the skylight or any missing shingles or flashing. 
2. If you find any crack, you can repair the crack using a roof sealant. 
3. If you find any missing shingle or flashing, get a new one and install it there.

However, if this problem persists you may need to seek the help of a professional. But it is something you can handle yourself. 


So, I hope you got a lot of value out of this post.

These are some of the practical ways you can fix your roof. This DIY roof repair guide covers most of the problems you can handle on your own.

But if you require the services of a professional roof repair contractor, At Austin Roof Royale, we have a team of experts roof repair contractors who are available 24/7 to respond to your roofing needs.

Contact us today to get a roof repair estimate or call 512-379-7933 for Emergency roof repair.

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