7 clear signs you need a roof replacement

7 clear signs you need a roof replacement
Tony Schlessinger
Tony Schlessinger


Like every other thing in life, there is always a life expectancy period and the same applies to your roof. Do I need a roof replacement or repair is one of the mind-boggling questions homeowners have when their roof starts developing some problems and most of the time, homeowners failed to determine the perfect time or signs that will tell them if it is the right time to invest in a new roof or hire a roofing contractor for roof repair.

In this post, we went ahead to discuss not just the signs that indicate you need a roof replacement but also what causes it and the actions you need to take to limit damages to your roof.

Here are seven key signs that will tell you whether it’s time you need a roof replacement rather than a roof repair.

1.   Your roof has exceeded its Lifespan

The lifespan of your roof is hugely determined by the material used in building your roof. When you use quality materials like metals, tiles, and slate for roofing, although they might be costly upfront but can last you a lifetime.

Nevertheless, even if you’re using Asphalt roofing which is less expensive than their previous counterparts, your roof should be capable of lasting 20 to 25 years with proper maintenance.

Having experienced roofing contractors to examine and maintain your roof will also help it to reach its expected lifespan and limit the number of repairs during its lifespan.

2. Damaged Shingles

There are several issues you might experience in your roof shingles to determine if it’s the right time for a roof replacement or not.

Whether you’re experiencing curling shingles, cracked or missing shingles you need the services of a roofing contractor to inspect the whole roofing system to understand the true conditions of your roof, the extent of the damage, and to proffer a better solution.

In as much that shingle damages occur for different reasons including old age, installing new shingles over old shingles, improper ventilation, and more, you should also note that “improper installation” can also result in shingle damage.

This goes to show you the importance of hiring an experienced roofing contractor for your roofing inspection, maintenance, and installation.

3. Your Roof is Sagging

If you notice that your roof sags then this a clear indication that you need an urgent inspection to avoid your roof collapsing and causing more damages.

Roof sagging is caused by factors such as improper installation, long term water damage, faulty roofing materials, and also, too much weight on the roof.

Determining the core reason why your roof sags will help you make a proper decision on whether you can fix the root cause or have a total roof replacement.

4. You have Granules in Your Gutter

Granules shield your home from the sun rays. When you install a new roof, it’s expected to have a large number of granules in your gutter most especially after heavy rainfall because the granules are still in excess.

But if your roof has been up for quite a long time, like 10 years and you suddenly start experiencing an increase in granules in your gutter, that’s a sign that your shingle has started deteriorating and you will be needing a roof replacement.

5. Your Roof is Covered with Algae or Moss

This majorly occurs in the area of the roof that receives less exposure to sunlight and results in the growth of bacterias and fungi, which can cause water damage to the roof.

Failure to get rid of these bacteria and fungi off your roof and effectively clear up the roof will lead to more damages which will result in new roof installation.

To effectively clear this up depends on the type of roofing you have installed. For example, a Tile roof can be power watched to remove the lichen, keep the roof clean, and avoid the growth of lichen, whereas it’s not advisable to power wash an asphalt shingle roof as this might cause more damage to it.

To determine the best way to clean your roof and avoid the growth of lichen, it is advised to consult the material manufacturer to determine the best way to clean your roof.

6. Sunlight shining through your roof

Inspect your roof regularly to make sure there are no openings in the roof allowing light through into your attic which is a sign that you have a crack or hole in your roof. You need to pay close attention to this as it might allow moisture as well as rodents into your home.

To determine if you have some cracks or holes in your home, during sunset, turn off the lights in your upper rooms and look up to the roof, once you see a light coming through the roof that’s an indication that you have a crack or hole in your roof.

In most cases, this might only lead to repairing the damaged area or replacing the entire roof depending on how severe it is. 

To guide you towards making an informed decision, get in touch with Roof Royale highly-trained technician to help you determine the length of the damage and the best solution you need.

7. Regular Repairs

Nothing lasts forever and the same goes to your roof. Regular repairs on your roof are a major sign that you need a roof replacement.

Also, some natural disasters which are beyond our control such as hurricane hits, tornado, thunderstorm, and so on can have a huge negative impact on your roof, resulting in so many damages.

It’s advisable to get a professional roofing company to take a closer look at your roof when such incidence occurs, thereby detecting any roof damage in their earlier stage which can easily be repaired and limit any more severe damages that can sprout out from there.

This can save you a lot of money and future problems if detected and fixed on time. 

Need a roof replacement or still a bit confused?

If you’re still having some doubts about whether you need a new roof or repair, you have nothing to worry about as most homeowners have the same struggles in making such a decision. Here is how we can help you today, kindly click here to schedule an inspection with our experienced roof technicians to help you determine whether you need a roof replacement or roof repair. 

If you have already decided that you need a roof replacement, call our office at 512 379 7933 to get started and for more information.

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