Shingle Roof vs. Tile Roof – Which is the Best Austin Roof?

Shingle Roof vs. Tile Roof – Which is the Best Austin Roof
Tony Schlessinger
Tony Schlessinger


You are about to replace the roof in your home in Austin. You have been anticipating this for a long time and now you are finally ready to do this. But somehow you have so many roof material options to choose from that you get confused. The two most popular alternatives are clay tile and asphalt shingle. Your colleague at work advised you to go for the clay tile while your friend is leaning towards the asphalt shingle. You are torn apart. This is the situation of most homeowners in Austin when they have to choose between a tile roof and a shingle roof. 

Which roofing material is the best for your Austin Roof?

You are not alone in this. Many people ask this question and they end up confused too. This article wants to help you make that choice. In this article, you will see the differences between the shingle roof and the tile roof. You will see their advantages and disadvantages, then you will be equipped to make the right choice for your home. 


The first thing to look at is the cost. What is the cost difference between the tile roof and the shingle roof? The tile roof is more expensive than the shingle roof. The shingle roof is one of the most affordable roofs to install. If you are on a tight budget, the shingle roof is your best bet. The tile roof on the other hand is almost three times more expensive than the shingle roof. 
For example, a 1,500 sq. ft. roof of Asphalt roof can cost between $3,125 – $3,350, while a 1,500 sq. ft. Tile roof costs between $11,300 – 25,325 depending on the style you’re going for.


The next thing to look at is longevity. The truth is that the tile roof lasts long, its price tag is bigger so it only makes sense that it lasts longer than the shingle roof. A typical tile roof lasts between 40-50 years, when it is maintained properly it goes to 50+ years while a shingle roof, on the other hand, lasts about 20 years. Because of the long lifespan of a tile roof, it comes with an extensive warranty. 

Home Structure 

Some very old homes in Austin come with shingle roofs. This means that the structure and the weight the house can carry are built basically for shingle roofing. If you live in this kind of home, your best bet may be to just install a shingle roof and go on with life. Meanwhile, other homes have been using tile roofs, you should stick with a tile roof. So to an extent, the structure and history of your home help you make a choice. However, if you insist on switching to a tile roof then you will need a professional to add reinforcements to your home so that it can carry a tile roof. The tile roof is heavier than the shingle roof. 


Another thing to look at is maintenance. How often do you need to maintain either roof and how often do they need repairs. For the shingle roof, you may need to repair it from time to time because it suffers cracks and sometimes shingles go missing after a storm or a bad weather condition. Because of this, it requires you to get an expert roofer to look at it after every storm or bad weather because there is a likelihood that it would need repairs. The tile roof experiences some cracked tiles but this only happens if someone walks on the roof directly or the debris from a storm hits the roof. If any of these does not happen, it is unlikely that a tile roof will crack. 

However, when a shingle roof gets damaged, it is very easy to fix and not expensive. But the tile roof is quite pricey to fix but it rarely needs fixing. Shingle roofs are also very susceptible to moss and fungal growth. This means you need to clean the shingle roof from time to time, this does not happen with the tile roof. 


When Asphalt Shingles are constantly exposed to hot weather or very cold weather, the shingles can begin to degrade and more prone to breakage. Whereas the tile roof is more environmentally friendly and does well at almost any temperature. It does not have any bias towards that. 


When it comes down to it, many people choose their roof based on how it looks to the naked eye. Some want it to look classy and very immaculate while others are going for shiny. When it comes to aesthetics, the tile roof gives you more range, you have more alternatives and you can do a whole lot of things with the tile roof. The shingle roof on the other hand is mostly gray, but recently they are adding other colors so you can get some diversity. But if it comes to aesthetics, the tile roof is more pleasing. 

Environmental Impact 

How do these two materials impact the environment? This is another thing you may need to consider especially if you care about the environment. The thing is that shingles are made from petroleum and this, not renewable energy, and it is not sustainable over time. It is not good for the environment. The tile roofs are made from slate, concrete, terracotta and all of these materials are renewable. They are good for the environment. So if you are someone who cares about the environment and we should all be, then you have an obvious choice but if you can’t afford a tile roof, choosing an Asphalt roof is still not a bad idea.


After looking at the different aspects of these two roofs and how they differ from one another, it has become clear that the choice is yours. You have to choose one that is within your budget and meets your needs. You now know how much they cost, the unique characteristics of both, and some of their drawbacks. The ball is in your court. If you stay in Austin and you are bothered about what type of roof to use, this guide will certainly help you make a choice, or better still, you can contact the best roofing contractor in Austin to help you make the right choice for your home. 

Do not sweat it, they are both great roofs, you just need to pick one, the one that meets your needs. 

If you need a locally-based, professional roofing company in Austin to help you take a better look at your home and the best roof to fix, contact Roof Royale. At Roof Royale, we help homeowners in Austin to examine their homes and select the best roofing materials that suit their budget and offer long-lasting value to their homes.

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