What To Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking in San Antonio

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Leaking roofs can be a very unpleasant feeling for anyone experiencing it, whether they live in San Antonio or any other part of the world. Homes are supposed to make you comfortable, guard you against harsh weather conditions and make you safe. 

But when it starts leaking, your home becomes terrible. Roof leaks in San Antonio can be caused by age or other elements which creep into your roof. 

Once you find out you have a leaking roof, here are some crucial things to do to manage the situation.

Things to do when you experienced a roof leak in San Antonio, Tx

Here are things to do when your roof starts leaking:

Move your belongings

When you find out your roof is leaking, you should avoid getting your property wet. The last thing you would want is your clothing, home decorations, and beds to be covered with water. 

Clear the leaking area immediately! When water damages some properties, they might be difficult to replace. Also, mildew and water can make your clothing and furniture have a dreadful smell which will make your room unlivable.

Contain the water

When you discover a leaking roof, find a way to stop the water quickly. You could find buckets, pans, garbage cans, and other things to try to capture the water and reduce its impact. 

This should be done fast to avoid you slipping and also damage to your tiles. Ensure you have additional containers which you can switch when one is filled up to avoid overflow.

Try to relieve the water pressure

When you find a bulge hanging on your roof, there could be water in that spot. Although poking it might seem unwise, however, that is your best bet. If you leave the bulge, the water could be spread to other areas which can cause more damage.

Moreover, it could erupt and create more mess for you unexpectedly. You can use a pin or screwdriver to puncture the place and place a container beneath.

Tarp the roof

When the water is contained and you can’t find an immediate solution to fix the leaking roof, tarp the roof. Ensure you find a safe way to climb the roof and cover the leaking area with a tarp.

Sometimes, getting the spots that are leaking is hard, you can use where the water is dropping from inside to find it. Use a tarp that is at least five millimeters thick and extend a minimum of five feet across the leaking area. 

You should then try to tuck it under the shingles to stop the water from going under the tarp. This helps to give the leaking area complete protection and makes it completely covered.

You can also learn how to use a waterproof tarp or plastic sheet to temporarily cover the affected area and quickly mitigate a roof leak.

Take pictures for insurance purposes

If your room is leaking, you must document the damages when you want to file for damages from home insurance. Claims can be complicated when talking to your insurance if you don’t have pictorial evidence.

It’s very important to document and back everything up with pictures. These pictures should contain how severe the roof damage is and also other house parts that are affected by the roof leak. 

If your TV, bed, interior decor, or kitchen appliances are affected by the leak, you must document them. Your insurance firm will then have to repair and replace all items lost via the leaking roof.

You can also learn more about how roof insurance claims work in San Antonio and what to do if your home got damaged by a storm

Contact a professional roofing company

While some people try to repair it. Leaking roofs themselves, it’s important to call the experts to avoid further damage. The longer you procrastinate, the worse the damage is.

You can’t do much when it comes to a leaking roof and you need to call an expert to fix it immediately before things move out of control. Talking to a local roofing contractor in San Antonio with years of experience is your best choice.

These expert roofing services can help assess how much damage the leaking areas have and repair them immediately.

Always do routine roof maintenance

When you have contacted the experts roofing service and all things have returned to normalcy, don’t just rest. You will have to undertake regular maintenance on your roof, to stop future leaks. 

Many roofs are prone to wear and tear when exposed to harsh weather elements. Some roof routine maintenance necessary are :

  • Checking for trees that might be close to the roof and cutting off dangerous limbs and branches.
  • Ensure that downspouts and gutters haven’t become crowded with leaves or debris.
  • Check for any loose screws or shingles after severe weather.
  • Look for any cracks in the walls or chimney.
  • Searching and replacing all split or curled shingles.

Problems associated with a leaking roof

When a roof leaks, it frustrates the occupants and can cause many problems. Here are some things you need to be aware of :


When a roof leak is ignored, it can cause mold. Water and all forms of moisture are breeding places for mold and mildew which is a serious problem. Mold causes health problems for occupants and can also ruin flooring, wood framing, and tiles. When mold is found in your house, it could affect your home market value.

Fire and electrical problems

Roof leaks can result in a fire problem when it spreads to your home wiring. Water can short circuit your wires and spark closed areas. Also, it could cause the occupants to be electrocuted.

Increase energy bills

Roofing leaks can cause your energy bills to rise as water builds up in your house. This is because your home insulation can be ruined which will distort your home energy bills.

Attic and ceiling problems

Roof leaks can be a threat to your attic. They may create a problem with ventilation in your attic which will make you less comfortable in your home. Leaking roofs deface your ceiling and make POP expand.


When your roof leaks in San Antonio, it’s important to fix it immediately to avoid more damage to your homes and belongings. It’s highly recommended you call a professional roofing contractor near you to help repair it. 

Roof Royale is a locally owned and operated roofing company. We provide professional roofing services to San Antonio residents and the surrounding areas. We can walk you through the process of getting a roof repaired or replaced due to a leak. If you have a question or would like to receive a quick quote, contact Roof Royale today.

Remember, leaking roofs can cause a wide range of problems to your homes, take action now.

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